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This cutting-edge overview includes streaming clips of our experts and users walking you through demos and video in the actual use of NxtNote.  You will "virtually" experience the speed and ease of use you will enjoy when you invest in NxtNote. Watch all the videos for a complete overview -- or pick individual ones for more information on a specific topic.  It's easy to skip around within a clip, or to toggle back and forth between several. Enjoy your NxtNote VideoCenter experience.
Watch this video to see a head to head comparison between the old sticky notes that you have been using, and the ease of use, speed and accuracy of NxtNote.  Instead of trying to interpret handwriting "hieroglyphics" and manually retyping what has essentially already been done, press the trigger on a scanner and be done in a fraction of the time ... with zero errors!
Watch NxtNote in action with Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook. You'll be amazed when you see 25 NxtNotes scanned directly (a total of 847 words) ... all in less than 1 minute.  The same data entered manually would take over 20 minutes (and that's with a fast typist).  Image the quick turnaround and cost savings to your organization!
Try NxtNote for yourself.  With this interactive demo, you can type a virtual issue, watch as it is printed, then scanned into your choice of applications. You don't have to be a computer "guru" to use NxtNote.  It has been specifically designed to be easy to setup and use.  Many clients leave it permanently setup in their conference room ... ready for anyone in the organization to use.
See how easy it is to have the team create a project schedule, using NxtNote to capture task name, duration and task owner (or any relevant information).  Then scan into Microsoft Project, Primavera or any other project scheduling software to create your project schedule.  
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